The Toys You MUST Avoid Giving Your Dog

Your dog will need toys so he can stay entertained, chewing and playing with them to keep him from messing the house and gnawing at your furniture! While you can find a ton of pet toys from stores like Peggasus Pets, you may also repurpose ones from children’s toys, or make DIY toys for them to play with.

That said, did you know that there are things that dogs are not supposed to play with and that some of those toys can come from pet stores? To stay on the safe side, here are toys you should avoid giving your dog!

  1. Stuffed toys

Avoid toys that have poly-fil or other types of stuffing, as your dog might chew it off, eating the filling. This is a choking hazard, with the filling getting lodged in their teeth or throat, which causes choking, or even death. If they can swallow the stuffing, other issues can arise, such as internal or intestinal blockages.

If you plan to buy stuffed toys, do get those without any loose parts or choking hazards, and those that are tagged safe for pets and children.

  1. Squeaky toys

Rubber toys would have small plastic mechanisms in them so they can squeak, which is a health risk. It’s a dog’s natural instinct to chew on the toy as an attempt to get its squeaker out, and the noisemaker may be swallowed. This, like stuffed toy fillings, is a choking hazard.

Squeaky toys can be played with under supervision, though it’s best to keep it away from puppies.

  1. Toys with bells

This is a very popular dog toy, with a lot of them coming with bells sewn in its interior. When the dog shakes the toy, the bell will ring.

While this is fun, your dog may try chewing the toy to get the bell, which is also a choking hazard. If swallowed, it can be lodged somewhere in your dog’s digestive tract, which results in intestinal blockage.

  1. Latex toys

Latex is a very popular material for pet toys. People may have allergic reactions to latex, so it may happen to your pet as well. You will know your dog is allergic to latex if their skin is covered with a rash that blisters and weeps, along with hair loss.

Check the labels of toys to ensure they aren’t made of latex. While your dog may not be allergic to latex, it’s better safe than sorry!

  1. Tug ropes

Tug ropes may seem harmless, but when played with too much, they may damage the teeth. It would also create some sense of competition, which would encourage dogs to be more aggressive to the point they bite their owners while playing.

Wrapping It Up

Dogs will have a ton of fun with a lot of toys, but you have to make sure they are safe to use. Take note of this list and avoid giving any of those toys to your dogs for their safety and health.