Using A Doggy Hotel To Look After Your Pet When You’re Away

Going away on holiday for a few days or weeks is great, heading away for work for an extended period not as great, but if you are a pet owner, leaving home for any reason can be a tricky situation to navigate. Your dog is a central part of your life, a family member and if you could, you’d take them with you everywhere you go. It isn’t always possible though, and if you haven’t got a trusted friend or family member to look after your furry friend whilst you are away what are your realistic options? Doggy day care and doggy hotels offer a great alternative to those looking for somewhere safe to leave their dogs when away from home for a while, offering great dog socialising, dog behavioural training as part of the stay and a fun environment that means your dog won’t miss you (you would love them to miss you as much as you’ll miss them!).

A doggy hotel is just another type of doggy day care service or dog boarding service where your pet is booked in to stay at a hotel with other dogs in a similar situation. It can be very exciting for a dog to stay in a hotel with other dogs, rather than stay alone at home waiting for someone to check in every day or to go stay with another family whilst you are away. If you are considering placing your dog in a dog hotel all of their own, especially if taking them with you to a dog friendly hotel isn’t an option but you want them to be treated as you are on your holiday, then there are a few steps to work through as you choose the right dog day care centre offering a dog hotel service.

It is important to do as much research as you can about the different dog hotels in your area. You never want to leave anything to chance when it comes to the security, health and mental wellbeing of your dog when you are entrusting its care to others in your absence. You have to have trust in the dog day care service, visit them, talk to the people behind the service, chat with other owners who leave their dogs at the location for the dog hotel or the daytime doggy day care service, and work out whether or not it is a good fit for your dog and your needs. Once you have made your choice, the doggy hotel will offer as much information as possible to help you prepare your dog for time away from home, put your mind at ease and ensure that it is a happy stay, whether for one day or two weeks.

We are seeing many changes in the world towards looking after our dogs in wider life. With dog friendly hotels gaining in popularity and even specific dog menus in hotels, big brands are certainly taking notice of how important our dogs are to us. With doggy day care centres springing up all across the country and offering top-quality boarding and dog behavioural training to our pets, you can go away from home, whether on holiday or a short work trip, and leave your pets in a safe, fun environment. It puts your mind at ease and keeps your dog active and healthy in your absence.